Alliance “Company” was founded in 2003 to help military veterans find jobs after completing their military service. It was created in the aftermath of 9/11 as a way to make a positive difference to young people that volunteered to serve our country during a time of war. We are a veteran owned and operated company that is also 100% employee owned.

For nearly 20 years the Company has served transitioning veterans by teaching them necessary skills for the transition to the civilian world. We have partnered with hundreds of the finest corporations in the country to help thousands of veterans find employment. Some of these companies include Johnson & Johnson, Nucor, BP, GE, Kinder-Morgan, Chesapeake Energy, Boston Scientific and Abbott.

Although many great companies have stepped up to hire transitioning veterans, the unfortunate reality is that there are more veterans leaving the military than there are jobs for them.

It is for that reason why the Company created Veteran Waste Solutions in 2014. The unique mission of
Veteran Waste Solutions is as follows:

  1. Provide purposeful and meaningful employment to transitioning veterans
  2. Provide a clear alternative to the Large waste companies
  3. Provide an ownership interest to employees.

The Company has earned the trust and loyalty of its customers by simultaneously offering fair pricing
and quality service. The Company provides residential, commercial and industrial services to thousands
of customers throughout Oklahoma. Today, we are the largest locally owned waste company in south
central and western Oklahoma.

Our ability to successfully compete against the National competitors is due to the following:

  • People. Our Management team and employees are experienced, talented and honest.
  • Equipment. We have invested over $5,000,000 on our equipment in just the past few years.
    Our fleet is the most modern in the industry which allows us the ability to be the most reliable
    company for our customers. We are financially able to compete with the National companies in
    this extraordinarily capital intensive industry.
  • Ownership. Unlike some companies that have a majority ownership by large global private
    equity firms or trade on Wall Street – we are employee owned. All decisions are made locally
    and our responsiveness to our customers is unmatched. We also offer stock to our employees.
    Our employee owners approach the job with an unmatched commitment to service. Lastly we
    can offer and hold prices to customers without any outside pressures.

In short, our Company has a unique purpose and unusual capabilities for an independent waste
company that allows us to offer our customers competitive pricing, excellent service and long- term
price security.